Automata (Deluxe Edition)

by Slighter

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🇩🇰 djYumcode 🇩🇰 Wauw This CD Here Is Really FABtastic.

the Tracks With Vocals Are the Best.

Would Love To Hear a Performed Live Concert. So Come Play Scandinavia.

Kindly Lars from Denmark 🇩🇰 Favorite track: Give Me (featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable).
Darren Douglas Danahy
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Darren Douglas Danahy Not unlike some of my favorite science fiction films or books - where the more detailed my understanding of the work, the more I appreciated them - this album truly became unlocked to me after multiple listens.

Automata uses sounds like environments that describe large shadowy places where melody reaches out to you like a hand from the shadows, a hand you want to take but feel unsure of.

Take that hand and immerse yourself in these environments, say I. You won't regret it. Favorite track: Survive.
Jon Roalf
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Jon Roalf This album is killer! great flow all the way through and the trip hop feel is very welcome. I am loving the song Isolate, feels like that should have been on Heligoland by Massive Attack! Perfect guest vocals on Walls, really adds a lovely presence to a solid album. I can't get enough of this album!! Highlights: Isolate, Walls, The Hunt & Survive Favorite track: Isolate.
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Automata is Slighter's 2019 album, featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable (Ohmelectronic/Landscape Body Machine), MORIS BLAK, R.A. Desilets, Christy Hannon and Kadin Contois.

This Deluxe Edition includes a bonus set of 'Variables' - each of the album cuts reconstructed into dubbed out Techno and spectral Ambient soundscapes. These additional 10 tracks are exclusive to Bandcamp!

The Limited Edition 2xCD includes a bonus CD-only cut "Planned Obsolescence", as well as the 'Variables' presented as a continuously mixed experience on disc 2. This edition is strictly limited to 75 copies and is signed and numbered by Colin C!


released May 13, 2019

Music, lyrics and vocals by Slighter (Colin C.) except:
"Give Me" with Craig Joseph Huxtable, "Imbalance" with
Kadin Contois, "Walls" with Christy Hannon, "The Hunt"
with Brian Slowikowski and "A Moment Of Inexplicable Clarity"
with R. A. Desilets

Published by Negative Feedback (ASCAP)

Produced, mixed and mastered at The Cell Studio, PDX

© ℗ Confusion Inc.


all rights reserved



Confusion Inc. Los Angeles

Music For Consumption.™

Featured on: CBS' "Elementary", FOX's "Lethal Weapon", "Bones", "Second Chance". Showtime's "House Of Lies". HBO's "True Blood". USA Network's "Convert Affairs" + More.

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Track Name: The Shadow
Cast shadows

Cast shadows
Cast doubt


Dragging along

Casting shadows
Casting doubt

Repetition strong
Repetition strong

Dragging me along
Track Name: Isolate
Short of breath it’s taken all I have to say
Out of step I’ve lost myself along the way
Now isolate to cause ourselves to fade away
So complicate this masquerade we betray

Short of breath it’s proving hard to disobey
Out of phase distorts yourself for our dismay

[It’s all too late - Isolate]

Sure of all the things I tried to convey
Cause of death will feel as if it starts decay
Now assimilate to prove it’s not all cliche
So communicate not escalate with no delay

Short of breath it’s taken all I have to say
Out of step I’ve lost myself along the way
Now isolate to cause ourselves to fade away
So complicate this masquerade we betray

Isolate [x4]
Track Name: Give Me (featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable)
The righteous
They slaughter
All our sons
All our daughters
Give me my soul
The gift of control
To get deep inside
Where my faith lies

So you want in
To plant the seed
You say virtue
I say need

So you want in
To plant the seed
You say virtue
I say need

You give me
Give me a reason to believe you
Give me
Something that I can never have
You give me
Give me a reason to believe you
Give me
Something that I can never have
Track Name: Survive
You don’t even try to ignore it
Just letting it meet your demise
And all that I try to destroy it
Its letting me die in your eyes.

So stand up now and fight it
Come out from where you hide
Let’s take apart what’s constructed
To let us see who survives.

Out of the night it comes
Into the places we all know
Out of the night it comes
Come from our darkest history
Out of the night it comes
Carry us off without a sound
Out of the night it comes
Out of the night it comes

I’ll stand out now to fight it
I know it’s much ill advised
And all that ends with forgiveness
When I won’t be the one who survives.
Track Name: Imbalance (featuring Kadin Contois)
Nature doesn’t recognize good and evil
Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance
And man-kind is the later of the two
That Mother Earth has almost found an antidote for
She’s been working on it for quite some time now
And at this moment she almost has it perfected
Injected as the smoke stacks stand like syringes
Pointed towards the sky the closer we die with our
Saturated chemical products taught to destroy
Tear down another rainforest as the native inmates have
No other choice but to adapt to lifestyles of corruption, abduction.

Build another fucking fast food franchise for the sake of frantic corporate feeding frenzies
Pump your machine with gasoline and let nature run it’s corse obscene
There is no greater opponent than the earth who carries us, buries us
She will plant the seeds after our departure
and as we continue to play our game of extinction she will stand by eagerly waiting for a brand new start to everything.

History will indeed repeat itself

But this time from the very beginning it will be as if we were never even here.
Track Name: Walls (featuring Christy Hannon)
If only silence
Then they couldn’t get to you
In echoed sirens, in memories all rushing through

And in a moment they could fade away
But in that moment you will plead they stay

If only silent
Then they might not break it through
The walls and palisades
To take what’s safe inside of you
But in a moment it could fade away
And in that moment you will plead they stay
Track Name: The Hunt (with Moris Blak) [Album Mix]
Keep your head down
Take what’s wanted
Keep your sights locked
On what you’ve hunted.

Now who’s the hunted?

Taking a life
Taking a life, tonight
Holding on to the edge of a knife.

Taking a life
Taking a life, tonight
Who’s to say when you’re wrong or right.

Hold it off now
We’re confronted
Hold it back now
They’re distrusted

Fell so deep, left so cold
Now we’re primed, to lose control.


Now who’s the hunted?
Track Name: Undertow [Album Mix]
If anyone could know
The broken bones would show
If anyone could try
We’d get caught in the lie
And down we go
Down we go. [x2]

And down we go
We go
Trapped in undertow
We go
And now you know
We know
We reap what you sow.

We go.
Track Name: A Moment Of Inexplicable Clarity (featuring R.A. Desilets)
No sound
No light
Haunted like branches into the night.

No roots
No leaves
Stretched bare I attempt to breathe.

Bark stripped back to the bone.

No one makes it out all right.
Track Name: Static On The Line
Twist and turn
Some things I can never learn
Scratch and burn
Leaving me with no concern
Grasp and churn
Clouding all that I deserve

In the spaces between
Our inner consciousness is seen
In the spaces between
We’re all displayed as obscene
To divide the mainstream

I can hear the static on the line
The static on the line

Twist and turn
Scratch and burn
Twist and turn
I can hear the static on line.

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